So, what is “ThankYou Club”?

“ThankYou Club” really isn’t your average loyalty, savings or saving program. Sure, you earn “Cash” dollars when you visit our merchants. Sure, you get great deals. Sure, you win great prizes. But, “ThankYou Club” gives back – every purchase you make with “ThankYou Club”, our Merchants will Donate Funds to the Charity of your choice. When you join, you’ll immediately enjoy exclusive “ThankYou Club” offers, you’ll go into draws to win fabulous prizes and you’ll be supporting charity whilst supporting the community.

So what are you waiting for?

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and join “ThankYou Club” today!


Why we care

We just think it’s cool that we can bring shoppers and merchants together while also helping charities. At “ThankYou Club”, giving back and making a difference is our “thing”. We think the whole community should share in an amazing program. Everyone who has a “ThankYou Club” membership is making things better. Being a member you don’t pay anything and the more you use it, the more you save

How many times have you heard friends say, “I never have enough points for what I want and I don’t want what I have enough points for”? In some programs it takes years to see any real results. With the “ThankYou Club” Community you will always receive instant gratification whilst helping others. Simple, everyday spending with a “ThankYou Club” merchant means you’ll save money, go into prize draws, get special offers and donate to charity . That’s why we’re not your average program: There’s no other community program like us.

Live. Save. Give.

ThankYou Club really isn’t your average loyalty, savings or community program. Sure, you earn “TY Cash” dollars and get great deals with our merchants, but ThankYou Club does more: every purchase supports your not-for-profit organisation of choice. Now it’s easy for you to make a difference for those in need– just shop with us!


A little about us We are an energetic company that cares about bringing the whole community together with our “Live Save Give” philosophy. Click  Corporate for more details.

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