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February 1st, 2021

With Covid19 well under control in Australia and business now getting back to business as normal we are seeing a healthy return of people to supporting local hospitality and retail businesses.

Prior to covid we have successfully launched our business in Perth with well over 60 merchants already taking on board our program and thousands of transactions already being run through our platform.  One of our merchants has 18,000 customers and is gradually introducing them to Thankyou Club.  This has created a lot of interest in Western Australia in our program that has in turn resulted in further area license sales including NSW and overseas countries.

We are very confident that we are going to see lots of growth in Thankyou Club as we now start focusing on attracting regional business development managers in every major city and township in Australia.

During the last weeks we have also partnered with the business that has been launched by Aaron and his fellow Directors and shareholders Piptle. This is focused on creating passive income opportunities for businesses through implementing innovate technologies.   Piptle has a 200+ and growing network of individuals that will be onboarded over the months ahead to assist with attracting merchants to be part of Thankyou Club.

We look forward to providing you with monthly regular updates and other exciting news as it happens

Yours in success and health

Brett Wilkins-Byrd

Managing Director