ThankYou Club announces new Digital Currency

ThankYou Club have joined with a new Fintech orientated business based in Australia and focused on creating marketplace solutions with mobile applications that can assist retail  businesses and also real estate agents to position themselves to take advantage of the fast growing crypto currency market and its participants. In Australia in February 2021, Coinspot hit its 1 millionth user account.  Bitcoin has now become the most talked about class of asset in the world and we are seeing millions of people joining crypto currency platforms weekly around the globe, to support new projects being launched in the digital assets space. Mastercard has announced that it will be integrating major cryptocurrencies for payment across its network.  Purchasing of real world assets with Bitcoin and other major crypto currencies has now hit hundreds of millions of dollars.

With this in mind it is our mission to be able to help retailers to take crypto currency payments directly and securely into their own decentralised wallets and to be able to issue their own cashback cryptocurrencies. We will help our merchants learn more about this growing industry including areas like DeFi – (Decentralised Finance) that can help businesses to better manage their financial wellbeing and reduce bad debtors.

By working with our new Technology partners, we will be able to help every retail business to create, issue and manage their own cashback currency and even create their own DeFi token.  This will create a new dimension to a business in being able to have its own digital currencies that can be used, swapped and traded by its retail and business customers. We look forward to helping businesses learn about how they can position themselves now to take advantage of the new boom in digital currencies.

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