"ThankYou Club" Membership Terms and Conditions

By making use of your “ThankYou Club” Membership you will be accepting the following terms and conditions of membership of the “ThankYou Club” Community Program set by “ThankYou Club” Australia Pty Ltd (“ThankYou Club” Australia):

  1. The “ThankYou Club” Community Program is open to all approved members of the program purchasing normal retail quantities of goods and services from participating merchants (“ThankYou Club” Merchants). “ThankYou Club” Australia reserves the right to limit the quantity of goods and services that can be purchased using your “ThankYou Club” Membership.
  2. “ThankYou Club” Australia reserves the right to withdraw, suspend or alter the terms and conditions of participation in the “ThankYou Club” Community Program at any time. “ThankYou Club” Australia will give you advance notice of any changes on its website at thankyouclub.org (“ThankYou Club” Website).  You can cancel your membership within the period of that advance notice if you do not wish to accept the changes. You can cancel your membership via the “ThankYou Club” Website.  By continuing to use your “ThankYou Club” Membership after the period of advance notice has expired, you will be deemed to have accepted the amended terms and conditions.
  3. The “ThankYou Club” Merchant who you have applied to for a “ThankYou Club” Membership (Issuing Merchant) will issue you with a “ThankYou Club” Membership.
  4. You can earn “TY Cash” with your “ThankYou Club” Membership as soon as it is issued, but you will not be able to redeem “TY Cash” until you have registered with “ThankYou Club” Australia. You can register your “ThankYou Club” Membership on the “ThankYou Club” Website or by downloading the “ThankYou Club” App.
  5. An Annual Membership of 68 “TY Cash” (inc. GST) (AMH) is payable for each “ThankYou Club” Membership. The AMH does not need to be paid up front. Instead it is paid out of your “TY Cash” in accordance with clause 11.
  6. Each “ThankYou Club” Merchant will nominate a “ThankYou Club” percentage (“TY Cash” Percentage). “TY Cash” earned is based on the “TY Cash” Percentage of the total purchase price (inc. GST). “ThankYou Club” Merchants can change the “ThankYou Club” Percentage from time to time. For example, if a “ThankYou Club” Merchant has nominated a “ThankYou Club” Percentage of 10%, for every ten dollars (inc. GST) you spend at that “ThankYou Club” Merchant you will earn 1 “TY Cash”. Note: Some goods and services offered by a “ThankYou Club” Merchant may not attract “ThankYou Club”.
  7. To earn “TY Cash” you must present your “ThankYou Club” Membership before the transaction is totaled at the register. “TY Cash” cannot be earned or a transaction cannot be reversed for the purpose of earning “TY Cash” if the “ThankYou Club” Membership is not presented before the transaction is totaled.
  8. Only 1 “ThankYou Club” Membership can be used to earn “TY Cash” on each transaction.
  9. 10% of the value of the “TY Cash” you earn (at a value of $1 per “TY Cash”) will be paid to the charity you nominated.
  10. 10% of the value of the “TY Cash” you earn (at a value of $1 per “TY Cash”) will be paid to the Issuing Merchant or Organisation.
  11. 50% of the value of your remaining “TY Cash” (after payments are made to your nominated charity and the Issuing Merchant or Organisation) will be allocated to your AMH (at a value of $1 per “TY Cash”). That allocation will stop as soon as your AMH has been paid in full, but will start again once the AMH becomes payable on each anniversary of the activation of your “ThankYou Club” Membership.
  12. Here is an example to illustrate what happens to the “TY Cash” you earn at a merchant offering 10% “TY Cash”:
Purchases at “ThankYou Club” Merchant * $200.00 “TY Cash” earned  20 (bal = 20)
Paid to nominated charity $2.00 “TY Cash” reduced by -2 (bal = 18)
Paid to Issuing Merchant $2.00 “TY Cash” reduced by -2 (bal = 16)
Allocated to AMH $8.00 “TY Cash” reduced by -8 (bal = 8)
 *assuming a “TY Cash” Percentage of 10%        
  1. “TY Cash” may be redeemed at any “ThankYou Club” Merchant. One (1) “TY Cash” = $1.00. By redeeming 1 “TY Cash” you are entitled to $1 off that purchase. To redeem “TY Cash” you must present your “ThankYou Club” Membership.
  2. Only 1 “ThankYou Club” Membership can be used to earn or  redeem “TY Cash” on each transaction.
  3. You will be required to input your 6 digit PIN for any “TY Cash” redeemed to verify that you have authorised the redemption.  “TY Cash” cannot be redeemed by anyone other than you, and your 6 digit PIN will be required and verified before any redemption is processed.
  4. Your “TY Cash” balance will be reduced by the amount of “TY Cash” redeemed.
  5. “TY Cash”  may be redeemed up to 2 years after they are earned.  After that, they expire and your “TY Cash” balance will be automatically reduced by the number of “TY Cash” that have expired.
  6. You also earn “TY Cash” on the value of “TY Cash” that you redeem (calculated at the “ThankYou Club” Percentage nominated by the Merchant that you redeem your “TY Cash” at).
  7. You can check your “TY Cash” balance at any time via the “ThankYou Club” Website or the “ThankYou Club” App.
  8. “TY Cash” are non-transferable.
  9. A “ThankYou Club” Merchant may apply to reverse “TY Cash” earned where a transaction is cancelled or a refund is given
  10. “ThankYou Club” Australia may correct erroneous, invalid “ThankYou Club” credits or adjust for reversed transactions at any time even if it results in a negative “ThankYou Club” balance.
  11. If you lose your “ThankYou Club” Membership please contact “ThankYou Club” via the “ThankYou Club” Website or support line. A new “ThankYou Club” Membership Number can be issued or picked up from a participating “ThankYou Club” Merchant.
  12. “ThankYou Club” Australia respects your privacy. “ThankYou Club” Australia will collect, store and use your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).  You consent to “ThankYou Club” Australia using your personal information to operate and provide you with membership benefits of the “ThankYou Club” Community Program.  You also consent to “ThankYou Club” Australia using your personal information to assist in planning, developing and enhancing the “ThankYou Club” Program (for example, “ThankYou Club” Australia may seek your feedback on the “ThankYou Club” Program).
  13. “ThankYou Club” Australia has relationships with third parties to whom “ThankYou Club” Australia may make disclosures of your personal information in connection with such uses. You consent to “ThankYou Club” Australia disclosing your personal information to those with whom “ThankYou Club” Australia has service arrangements (these may include call centres, mailing houses and printers) and to those with whom “ThankYou Club” Australia have alliance arrangements, where disclosure is for the purpose of the above uses to which you have consented.
  14. You may access your personal information, by sending us an email via the “ThankYou Club” Website.