Getting Started

    1. Open the ThankYou Club app. Tap ‘Club’ in the footer section.
    2. A menu will open prompting you to ‘Add Membership’ where you scan the Membership QR code (given by your charity, club or merchant).
    3. Next, select ‘Register Membership’. Add your details to be able to:
      • collect and redeem TYcash
      • be entered in Surprize draws
      • choose the charity you want to support

Make the most of living, saving and giving by registering your ThankYou Club membership in-app!

Why 2 QR codes to get membership?

QR Code 1 helps you download the app.

QR Code 2 loads your unique membership number within the app.

This sets up your personal ThankYou Club account. This extra QR code scan gets you the pass into our exclusive club!

Start shopping!

However, if you want to support your charity, track all your savings and be entered into Surprize draws, simply register your details in-app. It’s easy!

I Don’t have my QR code

  • Mobile not with you when you’re out shopping? No problem!
    Just enter your unique membership number manually at the ThankYou Club terminal.  Keep your number handy for these odd occasions!
  • Lost your membership? Don’t sweat it!
    We get you back on track to enjoying your savings by providing you with your unique membership again – simply contact ThankYou Club. Sweet!

Where can I shop with ThankYou Club?

You can live your life with ThankYou Club saving across a wide range of quality services and products, from house to office, having fun, traveling, pets and getting out n’ about in your local community.

ThankYou Club is strengthening local communities…one shop at a time!

Every time you shop with ThankYou Club there’s giving and little by little the giving adds up. Make shopping for good a way of life so that the giving never stops. Your community will thank you for it!

See the merchants listed in the app in the categories of: Eat, Stay, Play, Shop, Beauty, Health, Home, Pets, Auto, Office.

And keep checking cause’ more and more businesses are partnering with helping each other, our community and our world, every day.

I don’t see my favourite merchant listed

Not seeing your favourite merchant listed on our app could be for 2 reasons:

  1. Your favourite merchant may not know about our innovative community program!
    We value recommendations for quality merchants. Just let us know about them and we can check if there is area availability!
  2. There may already be a quality ThankYou Club merchant offering that particular service, or product in your area.ThankYou Club savings quality businesses with exclusive club benefits too – like exclusivity for their particular offering in a zone. For a business to have the spotlight shine on them they have got to be good!Why not go in and say hello!

Why Thank You?

Our businesses are thankful for your support and for the opportunity to shine in what they are passionate about delivering to you.

A spirit of thankfulness is the heartbeat of ThankYou Club.

The efforts you make to support local business, the passion and commitment from our partnering businesses to give you the best member experience and the dedication of our charitable organisations to make your local that little bit better…it’s all worth it and it’s appreciated!

There’s magic in ThankYou Club, it’s in 2 words – “thank you!”.  Love living in your local that little bit more and…spread the word…s!

Which one are you – a Club or a Community?

We are both!

  • We are a club that you can be a member of to enjoy exclusive club benefits and
  • we are a community that cares for each other and for the community we share
  • we show that by helping each other and expressing our thankfulness.

What are the club benefits?

Clubs get you access to special offers and with ThankYou Club it’s no different. ThankYou Club gets you:

  • Savings when you shop with partnering businesses
  • Donations paid to your chosen charitable organisation on your behalf

Give-Away just took on a whole new meaning…

  • When you’re away you can access ThankYou Club merchants in other regions and overseas as more areas and countries welcome ThankYou Club.
  • Going away doesn’t mean the giving stops. Wherever ThankYou Club merchants are in your country and in the world, your chosen charitable organisation still gets the donation when you shop with them! Amazing!
  • Wherever you go the location device will automatically display ThankYou Club merchants in that region in the app. Give while away …that’s Cool!

How does membership help me partner with my community?

  • Every purchase supports and strengthens partnering local businesses.
  • Every purchase supports your favourite charity and gives you savings as a ‘thank you’ for your support.
  • Supporting local businesses strengthens the contributions they can make into your local community.

We love to share how we all help each other, our community and our world with ThankYou Club.  Check out the testimonials and our spotlight stories…perhaps one day we will share yours or that of the cause closest to your heart!

How does the savings in ThankYou Club compare?

Check us out! ThankYou Club offers generous savings. Compare us to any other customer loyalty savings system and make the most of shopping with ThankYou Club business partners to see the generous difference for yourself!

It’s your local businesses that are offering you savings more generous than those offered by large corporations.

Points, points, points require a lot of shopping spends to represent value. ThankYou Club offers real dollar saving: 5%, 10%, 20% and more!  It’s exciting to see the real dollar benefits available with ThankYou Club. Just check the app for savings!

ThankYou Club makes more than just savings happen. Enjoy Surprize draws and value supporting the cause closest to your heart as our merchants donate gladly on your behalf – every transaction.

So, start enjoying saving and spending with businesses who care about you and your community today!

What is TYcash?

  • Your savings with every merchant is called TYcash and represents real dollar value.
  • 1 TYcash dollar = 1 dollar. For example, if you save 10% of your spend with a merchant, that is 10% real dollar value of the purchase price and it is called TYcash.
  • Your savings across every merchant is displayed in-app as well as your total TYcash amount.
  • TYcash saved with a merchant is available for you to redeem with that merchant to offset a purchase amount or pay a purchase amount in total.
  • You have a generous time-frame of 2 years to use your saved TYcash. If you haven’t redeemed the saved amount in that time, this saving gets diverted back to the merchant that the saving was banked with.

Want to know more?

Check out our FAQs or ask a ThankYou Club merchant near you!

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